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 Waddi pro private servver drop GUID!

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Posts : 4
Join date : 2009-02-28
Age : 26
Location : Connecticut

PostSubject: Waddi pro private servver drop GUID!   Sat Feb 28, 2009 4:13 pm

This drop guid was made with info from playing many private servers:
The monster listed are only monsters that drop stuff:

d hally
addy scimmy
clue scroll

rune c'bow
dragon wc axe
seers ring
berserker ring
clue scroll

rune c'bow
dragon wc axe
warriors ring
berserker ring
clue scroll

rune c'bow
dragon wc axe
archers ring
berserker ring
clue scroll

Hill Giant/Moss Giant:
rune platebody
rune platelegs
rune plateskirt
rune full helm
dragon sq sheild
dragon med helm
dragon scimmy
str ammy
big bones

Elf Warriors:
crystal bow
crystal sheild
addy platebody
addy platelegs
addy plateskirt
addy med helm
addy full helm

King Black Dragon:
rune platebody
rune platelegs
robin hood
ranger boots
bandos chestplate
bandos tassys
zamorak godsword
dragon skimmy
Anti-dragon sheild
clue scroll
Dragon bones

Mith Dragon:
super atk/str/def pots
Dragon full helm
Dragon Fire Sheild
Clue scroll
Dragon bones

Green Dragon:
anti-dragon sheild
acient staff
oynx neckless
oynx ring(really rare)
dragon platelegs
dragon plateskirt
dragon battle axe
clue scroll
dragon bones

Khazard mini-game monsters:
Khazard armour
Khazard helm

Kaliphite Queen:
Dragon chainbody
Dragon 2Hander
Dragon boots
Clue scroll

book of balance
holy book
unholy book
Mithril full helm

rune kite sheild

Dust devil:
12k coins
dragon boots
dragon chain
dragon med helm
clue scroll

rune boots
dragon boots
clue scroll

Abyssal Demond:
abyssal whip
clue scroll

Dark Beast:
dark bow
clue scroll
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mod callum

Posts : 45
Join date : 2009-01-24

Game Score:
200/200  (200/200)
Rank: Admin

PostSubject: Re: Waddi pro private servver drop GUID!   Sun Mar 01, 2009 2:03 am

saved Smile
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Waddi pro private servver drop GUID!
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