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PostSubject: LOST CITY QUEST GUIDE   Wed Feb 25, 2009 12:42 am


Part 1

Start this Quest by talking to the warrior in the Beginner Training area located in the Magic book under (F) teleport he will shove you off. Next you Teleport to fally with the command ::fally and walk into the white knights castle, first talk to the archer, she will tell you to learn more about Entrana, you then talk to the Squire and ask him to teleport you to Entrana

Part 2

Next Walk across the bridge in entrana until you reach a runecrafting alter
turn left and follow that way till you see a (!) symbol on your map unequip and bank all of your need for them. Climb down the ladder and kill the zombies till you retrieve bronze axe. Then kill one of the tree spirits, they hit 0's so no worries about dieing, once 1 is dead, chop down the tree and fletch it into a staff. WIELD THE STAFF

Part 3
teleport to fally with ::fally walk east turn right before the bank and walk to draynor village, head towards the bridge that leads to wizard tower and go left into lumby swamp, keep going until you see a house click on the door and you have finished the quest! :]

cheers you can now wield dragon long sword and dragon dagger poisoned
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